Will I receive a 1099 form from GameWisp?


We collect W9 forms from US streamers and W8-BEN forms from international streamers. These forms are securely stored and are supplied to the IRS upon request. However, since GameWisp pays streamers through payment service providers (PayPal or Dwolla), it is the responsibility of the payment service provider to issue you a 1099-K form.

You will receive a 1099-K form from PayPal or Dwolla if your earnings were at least $20,000 and at least 200 transactions for the year. This 1099-K form may include cashouts from GameWisp as well other payments you receive on PayPal.

The GameWisp team are not tax professionals and cannot offer advice regarding tax reporting. We recommend consulting a professional for help with tax reporting. Should you not reach the threshold to receive a 1099-K form, we still recommend that you consult you local tax authority or a tax professional to make sure you properly report your taxable income.

More information about 1099-K forms from PayPal can be found here.

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