Creating a Job Posting

Creating a Job Posting

Once the client profile is created, you can begin posting jobs for designers to bid on. Creating a job is easy:

  1. Click Create Job from your client dashboard.
  2. Provide the overall details for the job, such as the job title, description, and completion date.
  3. Add Items to the job.
    1. Commissions provides preset templates for common jobs (e.g., emotes, banners, logos). It is recommended to use these presets whenever possible.
    2. If your job doesn’t fit into a particular category, you can use the Other category.
  4. Add as many items to the job as you’d like.
    1. Keep in mind that the more items you add generally means the job will take longer and cost more.
  5. You can review and post your job after you have finished adding items.


Accepting a Job

Once you post your job, designers will have 48 hours to submit bids. Once the 48 hour period is over, you will have 48 hours to review all before selecting one.

We recommend that you wait until the 48 hour bid submission period is up so you have the most bids to choose from, but you can accept a bid at any point.

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