The Commission Revision Process


Commissions’ Revisions system is how you can collaborate with your designer while they’re working on your job. You use Revisions to provide feedback and instruction to your designer.

To use Revisions:

  1. Click View Revisions on your Client Dashboard. This page will show a list of all job items in the overall job, as well as any revisions that have been uploaded for the job.
  2. You can click on any item to see its revisions and what the designer plans to do next (Next Steps).
  3. After leaving feedback on a revision, you will be presented with a confirmation window. Your options in this window are:
    1. Reject and Try Again. If you feel like the designer is taking the wrong direction with this item, select Try Again and let the designer know where they need to make significant adjustments in their next draft.
    2. Accept and Move Forward. If you're pleased with the direction the designer is taking, select Move Forward and give the designer feedback about their process. Suggest minor tweaks, color changes, fonts, etc. Designers will likely ask you questions throughout the revision process - be sure to think through these questions and communicate what you want thoroughly!

When a designer has completed all the work for an item, they will post a Final Revision. You have the option to Accept or Reject a Final Revision.

  1. If you Accept the Final revision that item is considered complete and will be made available for download when the entire job is finished.
  2. If you Reject the final revision, the designer will be given the option of providing another revision or to call the final revision the final version.
    1. Due to the feedback process enforced by the Revision system, rejecting a final revision should be incredibly rare. If you are dissatisfied with the designer’s work, you can email us at for assistance.


More Help

We designed the job posting and revisions flow to help make the process of working with designers as straightforward and successful as possible. We are here to help you navigate the Commissions process! If you have any questions about your job and how to communicate with your designer, please email and we'll look in to the situation for you.

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