No One Bid On My Job, What's Next?

This is unfortunate, but not the end of the world. Perhaps it was just timing. A simple repost of the job might be in order.


The most common reasons a job doesn’t receive any bids are:

  1. Incorrect pricing. The price for the job is either too high to seem reasonable or too low for designers to comfortably bid on.
    1. Solution: Repost the job with an adjusted price. During job creation, Commissions recommends a price for the job. Using this job as a starting point for the price you ultimately want to offer is generally a good idea.
  2. Unrealistic timelines. The requested completion date for the job does not give a designer enough time to complete the work.
    1. Solution: Repost the job with a longer deadline. This may enable more designers to fit your job into their schedules, and will lead to more bids.
  3. Unclear job descriptions. Designers are less likely to bid on a job if the descriptions are confusing or difficult to interpret.
    1. Solution: Double check your job posting. Does the job description and individual item descriptions provide enough clarity that a designer can confidently take the job?
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