The GameWisp Commissions Design Process

You found a job that you want and the client accepted your bid! Congratulations!

Now what?

In this article, we are going to breakdown how GameWisp will help you get the job done.


As part of your bid for the job, you included the maximum number of revisions you are willing to provide before the job is complete. Commissions’ revision system makes it easy for you to share your progress on the job with the client; allowing the client to provide feedback on your progress every step of the way.

Revisions typically mark major steps in the design process, such as initial rough sketches, the first version of an agreed upon design, a full color render, etc.  However, revisions can be more incremental depending on your own design process and the client. You also may not need all the revisions you specified in the job bid to finish the design, this is perfectly fine.

Submitting a Revision

Once a version of the design is ready for client feedback, here’s how to submit it on Commissions as a revision:

  1. On your Designer Dashboard, you will find a list of your current jobs. Find the job you are working on and click on View Revisions or Start Job on the job card.
  2. You’ll be taken to that specific job’s Revision page. There will be a list of job items as well as any previous revisions that have been uploaded. Click Upload Revision in the corresponding job item card.
  3. From here you can upload images for the revision along with a description and what the next step will be. You will also have the ability to determine whether or not this draft is the final draft.
    1. Use Next Steps to signal to the client what you plan to do next (e.g., provide full color, add more content, submit the finished version)
    2. Final drafts should not be a surprise to you or the client, make sure that when you’re ready to submit a final draft, it contains everything agreed upon by you and the client.

Any image you upload as a revision will be automatically watermarked after upload.

Reviewing a Revision

Once you submit a revision, the client can review it and provide feedback. Ultimately choosing either Move Forward or Not Ready to signal to you what to do next:

  • Move Forward is the client’s way of letting you know it’s okay to proceed with your suggested Next Steps
  • Not Ready indicates that the client would like you to revisit what you’ve submitted before moving forward.

If the client deems your draft Not Ready this means that there is some aspect of the draft the client is unhappy with and you should take another pass on it.  At that point, you will likely need to submit a new revision, taking into consideration the client’s feedback, and propose new next steps for the design.

Even if the client selects Not Ready the number of revisions agreed to in the bid remains the same. You should take that into account when creating your new version.

Submitting Your Final Draft

When you feel like you’ve completed the design, you can upload a revision as a final draft by selecting the Upload as Final Draft option during upload.

Like all revisions, the client has the option to Confirm or Deny the final draft. By accepting the final draft, the client is indicating that he or she is happy with the final submission and you can consider the design complete.  Once a final draft is confirmed by the client, no additional revisions can be submitted for that design. The completed asset will be available for the client to download once all the designs in the overall job are completed.

If the client denies the final draft, you will be contacted with a request to make further design revisions. If you have fulfilled the amount of revisions agreed upon, you will be given the option to Continue or End Revisions. If you are willing to create another revision, you may do so. If you want this version to remain the final one, the client will receive no other draft.

Completing a Job

Once the client has accepted final drafts for each of the items in the job, the job is considered complete. The client will be able to download the final version of each asset with no watermarks as one compressed file. The client will also be charged the remaining 50% of the job fee.

As the designer, You will receive the remainder of your payment as soon as the client downloads the final job item.


We’ve designed GameWisp Commissions to be as straightforward and helpful as possible during each step of the commission process. However, nothing is perfect. If you encounter unexpected behavior, have any questions, or would just like clarification on anything you’ve read in this article, please contact us at

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