Setting Up Your Client Profile

Signing Up and Creating a Client Profile

In order to create and post jobs for designers on Commissions, you have to create a client profile. Creating a client profile is easy:

  1. Click the Start Hiring button from the Commissions' home page (
  2. Create an account by logging into one of the four supported services: Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, or Twitter
    1. Don’t want to use a social account? Email registration is currently not supported, but coming soon.
  3. After successful login, you’ll be prompted to create a client profile.
    1. Creating a client profile entails answering a series of questions about the content you produce, your brand, and your community.
  4. Upon creation of the client profile, you’ll be directed to the Client Dashboard.
    1. Your Client Dashboard is accessible by clicking Client Dashboard from Commissions’ top navigation bar.
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