Help and Technical Support for Emotes

GameWisp no longer provides help/support, technical or otherwise, for emotes used by channels who seek to use GameWisp only as a means of providing global emotes. Using GameWisp in such a way is considered a misuse of the service, and while we do not always ban the action, we will not provide support for it, and might issue bans in some instances. 

  • It is up to the GameWisp team's discretion to determine whether they believe a channel is using the service for emotes only, and not as it's intended use as a fan funding platform.
  • If a person/channel subscribes to themselves in any way in order to unlock emotes slots, including making additional accounts, they will be permanently banned.
  • If a person makes multiple GameWisp channels in order to gain more emotes for their server, their channel will be deactivated.
  • If a person/channel encourages subscribers to create multiple accounts to unlock emotes, the subscribers run the risk of being banned, and the channel runs the risk of losing emote slots.
  • GameWisp is not open to negotiating for the reinstating of accounts banned due to any sort of misuse of the service. 
  • GameWisp reserves the right to deactivate any account it suspects of misusing the service.
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