Updating Your GameWisp Username and other Information

Since Twitch released its long awaited name change feature, many users have been requesting name change functionality on GameWisp. Standard name change functionality does not exist on GameWisp; however, you can update your username and other information based on information you have supplied to linked accounts, such as Twitch.

You can update your GameWisp account and channel information to reflect your Twitch name change from the Account Settings page. This article will describe, in detail, how to do that.

The most important thing to remember is that updating your GameWisp username when you update your username on Twitch should not be assumed to be automatic. You need to go to your GameWisp settings and refresh your information.

To update your GameWisp username and other information to match your most up to date Twitch information, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your Account settings page by logging into GameWisp and selecting Account > Account Settings from the sidebar.

  2. From Account Settings page, select the update link in the Twitch card.Screenshot_2017-03-17_11.21.46.png
  3. Once selected you'll be presented with a modal that contains GameWisp settings you can update using your Twitch information Screenshot_2017-03-17_11.26.26.png
  4. Pertaining to a name change, the most important option is the first: GameWisp Channel Name and URL. Selecting this setting will change your GameWisp channel name and the URL subscribers use to access your GameWisp page. So be sure to update any links to the old URL in Twitch panels, blog posts, etc.
  5. Finally, you can select "GameWisp Username" to update your GameWisp account username to match the name change you performed on Twitch.
  6. Click "Update Account" and you're done. If you don't see the name change in the side bar, log out and log back in to GameWisp.


Name changes carry consequences. If you're a GameWisp channel using emotes, you may want to go to your emote settings and change your emote prefix to reflect the new username. Understand that doing this will reset all your emotes to pending state because the emote names will need to be reviewed again. This review can take up to ten days. During this time your emotes will not be usable.  Additionally, if you're a subscriber and you change your username, you'll want to inform the channel next time you're in their stream so they know who you are. 

Also note that you can update a myriad of other options related to your GameWisp channel, including branding, and your bio. You cannot, however, update your email address. Email address updates will still need to be handled by emailing support at


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