How do I give my subscribers more chat currency?

Additional chat currency is a great benefit for your GameWisp subs.  In fact, that benefit is so popular, we added it to our suggested benefits.

When you add the channel currency benefits, they will be created as "tier bonuses." This means that the amount or multiplier that you put in a tier will only be available to that tier, not higher tiers.  

This will also create a personal benefit on GameWisp for you to fulfill.  When you get a subscriber, you will have an unfulfilled currency benefit for that subscriber in your unfulfilled benefits tab.  

You can then go to your bot or currency service, give the subscriber any additional currency, and let your subscriber know that they have received the currency by fulfilling the benefit on GameWisp. 

We are working on an API that bot developers and other developers will be able to use to automatically allocate additional currency to GameWisp subscribers.  

Some bots already do this, such as Deepbot and Branebot.

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