What is the Twitch Level?

The Twitch Level is a way for partnered Twitch channels to easily offer additional benefits to their paying Twitch subscribers.

When you link your Twitch channel on GameWisp, we receive a constantly updated list of your subscribers.

When your subscribers come to GameWisp, sign in with Twitch, and select the Twitch Level on your channel page, we check their credentials against your subscriber list. If they are subscribed to you on Twitch, they receive the benefits you set in your Twitch Level!

The Twitch Level comes at no cost to you or your fans. It is a free service that GameWisp provides to make it easy to offer your fans more incentives to subscribe to you on Twitch, and an easy way to deliver benefits.

You can optionally choose to use GameWisp's paid Levels to provide your fans with more options to receive benefits and support you at additional price points.

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