Linking a Twitch Account to your GameWisp User Account

Linking a Twitch Account to a GameWisp Account

If the GameWisp Account Currently does not have a Twitch Account Linked

If you wish to link a Twitch channel to your user account (scenario 1) after creating the account. You can do so by: 

  1. Logging in and clicking on your username on the right side of the navbar 
  2. Clicking Edit Profile from the drop down that appears.
  3. From the Edit Profile page you have the option to link a Twitch account.
  4. Once linked, you will then be able to login using Twitch instead of the username and password you provided upon your initial signup.


If the GameWisp Account Currently does have a Twitch Account Linked

If you wish to link a new / different Twitch account to your user account, you will need to contact us directly. The reason for this is that if someone maliciously gains control to your user account, we do not want the malicious user to change the Twitch account tied to the GameWisp account, as this would prevent you from logging in using your Twitch credentials.

If you need to change the Twitch account tied to your GameWisp user account, please email us at help [at] gamewisp [dot] com from the email associated with the GameWisp account. We will remove the linked Twitch account. Once the old Twitch account has been removed you will need to:

  1. Log out of GameWisp
  2. Request a password reset on GameWisp by ensuring you're logged out of GameWisp and clicking the Forgot your Password? link at the bottom of the login modal.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions on resetting your password. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.
  4. Sign in to GameWisp using that password and your GameWisp username (usually the username of the Twitch account you initially signed up to GameWisp with) 
  5. Follow the steps in the previous section for linking a new Twitch account.

Note that linking the new Twitch account will NOT change your GameWisp user name. If you require your GameWisp username to be changed, please email us after you have completed this procedure with the username of the newly linked Twitch account. 

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    it will not work it just shows email password and phone

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