Discord -- Re-Link and Setup Discord to Fix Issues


1) On the Integrations page on GameWisp, disconnect your Discord.

2) On Discord, remove the GameWisp bot.

3) Go back to GameWisp and connect your Discord.

4) Be sure to keep all items checked and to choose the correct server.

5) On Discord, go to Server Settings > Roles and make sure that the role 'GameWisp' is above the roles that you want to be automatically assigned.

6) After you have moved the 'gamewisp' role to the correct location, be sure to Refresh your connection from the Integrations page.

7) If you already have created Discord Role benefits, you may need to remove and recreate your benefits in the tier editor.

If this does not fix your problem, send us an email at Be sure to include your channel name and what part of the Discord integration is not working for you.

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  • 4
    Brian Parks

    Can you please update these instructions with the most up to date version of GameWisp and Discord shown? Noe of this works.

  • 1
    Kelley from GameWisp

    This article has been updated 11/30/16

  • 2

    None of this works not to mention the site has issues updating any information, edits or changes.. i've been trying to update my benefits for a straight hour but it wont save anything when i click save

  • 0
    Kelley from GameWisp

    @ohsnapkline - This sounds like a bug. Please email help(at)gamewisp(dot)com for assistance and we can help resolve it. 

  • 0
    MilitaryHeart Cerebral Palsy Gamer

    i'm getting the same problem 

  • 0
    Thelolpg Gamers

    i think not fixed. i has fixed it that not working  :(

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