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You can get discounts on GameWisp by using referrals. On the site, you should see a few references for referrals, including when you create a channel on GameWisp, and on the Referral Page (Channel Settings<Referrals). When managing your referrals, you might notice some specific terms regarding how we define discounts.

On the Referral Page

On the referral page, you’ll see three boxes: Total Channels Referred, Successful Referred Channels, and Active Referral Discount.

What does "Total Channels" mean?

Your 'Successful Referred Channels' are all of the channels that you have referred that have gotten a subscriber.

What are "Successful Referred Channels?"

Your ‘Successful Referred Channels” includes referred channels whose discounts are activated (Maximum: 10).

What is an "Active Discount?"

Your ‘Active Discount’ is the additional percentage of GameWisp’s “cut” currently discounted. (Maximum: 50%) Please note that you may not get a discount from every successful channel referral concurrently. If you have over 10 discounts, they will be queued. Discounts expire after they have been activated for one month. Both queued and expired discounts are included in this total.



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